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For some reason, library blogs have been a little slow to get off the ground in Australia. Most of the blogs I read are American, but thankfully that is about to change. Some enterprising souls have set up librariesinteract, tagged as a collaborative blog for Australian libraryland. It's very active at the moment and is sure to get moreso as ALIA 06 approaches - subscribe to the RSS feed now, I suggest.

If you don't know how to set up an RSS feed, take a look at Karen Schneider's 15-minute Getting Started with RSS tutorial. As she puts it, "RSS is a bit baffling at first. Once you step in, though, you'll have an immediate "ah hah." These directions were written to get you from baffled to "ah hah" in less than fifteen minutes. "

Welcome to our ALIA Biennial Conference 06 blog

The University of Sydney, in its wisdom, has decided to dispatch us to WA to find out what’s new in the world of libraries. The conference will take place on 20-22nd September and the full program of events is listed here.

This blog has been created to allow those of you in Sydney to keep up with events as they happen. There will be a few posts in the lead-up to the event, trailing particular sessions or giving relevant news about what's coming up. During the conference itself we will update as often as we can to keep you abreast of events.

More importantly, you can contact us by using the Comment feature or via email. Need more information from one of the presenters? Want us to ask industry leaders about the latest trends? Want to pass on greetings to that nice librarian you met in Brisbane a couple of years back? Let us know.

We reckon that these are the themes that are likely to come up most often during the week:

1) New ways of communicating with users – texting, social software, blogs, wikis
2) Library design and architecture – creating a learning environment
3) Why are OPACs so old-fashioned?

Of course these predictions will most likely prove to be completely wrong. We look forward to finding out with you.

Sarah and Tom

The Authors

About the Blog

All the latest news from the ALIA conference in beautiful Perth. Contact us if you want us to ask a question, clarify a point - or just to say hi.


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