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November 2010

Saturday November 6, 2pm to 2am
Natasha Henscke
UNSW/ 2nd watch leader

Greetings from your beloved watch leader. After a busy morning of salpy conversations and muddy sampling, our shift officially started with a packet of shapes.


Saturday November 6, 2 am to 2 pm
Amelia Shannon
School of GeoSciences, USYD, student

Ahoy land lovers, Swath Queen (Amelia Shannon) here reporting the events of another fine and sunny day aboard the Southern Surveyor.


Friday 5 November, 2 pm to 2 am
Ben Harris
Ph.D. student USNW

Waking up for another day on the high seas to find that Hagrid (aka. big mark), had stolen my loving warm blanket, just how I plan to start my day, at a lazy 11am.


Friday November 5
Amanda Roe
School of GeoSciences, USYD, Masters of Science student

Ahoy from the salty sea-scientists on the good ship, the mighty Southern Surveyor!


Thursday 4 November
Bevan Yiu
School of Biological Sciences, USYD, student

Ahoy scurvy dogs, another fine day on the ‘Seasick Surveyor’!


Thursday 4 November 2pm – 12am
Daniel Harrison
Masters student, University of Sydney Institute of Marine Science.
"Somewhere at sea off the Victorian coast of Australia chasing an eddy."

Our research voyage has well and truly begun on the Southern Surveyor the CSIRO operated marine research vessel (definitely not a boat, if you call it a boat you are treated to a days silence and death stares from the crew as one student already found out [names are excluded to protect the guilty]).


Wednesday 3 November
2pm - 12am
Pictures by Seb Holmes


Wednesday 3 November 6 am to 2 pm.
Belinda Dechnik
University of Sydney, School of Biological Sciences student

Hey, hey my fellow marine science lovers, it’s TimTam girl here (aka Belinda Dechnik)!


4 pm Tuesday 2 November 2010 - 6 am Wednesday 3 November 2010
Dr Sebastian Holmes – Chief Scientist, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Sydney

Tuesday 2 November, 2010
Right me hearties! After a busy morning tying up loose ends, purloining some fish bins (I did ask, honest) and locating some sorting trays (cat litter trays), I had everything ship-shape, ready and onboard by 3 pm with just the students to arrive.


Can you believe it has been a year since we last followed the maritime adventures of Seb, Will and eight university students on board the Southern Surveyor?


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10 Biology students from the University of Sydney have won a place aboard a Research Vessel to spend 5 days working like professional marine biologists. Read daily accounts of life on board the ship and what sea creatures they trawl up from the depths.