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Prof. Markus Milne is as down to earth as you get. He is into hiking; long, arduous, mad adventures into the yawning wilderness of New Zealand. He likes his coffee; fair trade double shot with no sugar or milk (and without the plastic lid of course). He drives a nice but unassuming car, wears jandals, shorts and a t-shirt to work, and doesn’t care too much for the etiquette which ties most others down (just joking).

His intellect is about as big as his heart, and almost as big as the stick he beats his Masters and PhD students with when they are not up to scratch. I have learnt a lot from Markus. I have learnt how to read, how to conceptualise, how to talk and communicate, and be a good colleague to others. I am still learning how to do good research. One other thing that I want to learn from him is how to command as much attention as he does.

That lesson was given to me yesterday. I was in the museum at the University of Sydney. Wandering around priceless vases, statues and trinkets; careful not to spill any champagne on things I could definitely not afford to replace. And then suddenly, I spot him. We once called him the “Professor in Pyjamas,” but now, perhaps that needs to be changed to “Markus The Suave.” While the rest of us mingled, still sweaty in our blase dress after a long day of sessions, he strides into the room in a full suit (and a shiny yellow tie!!). I stop. And I stare. Flashing me a grin, he begins his dance. Would I be too bold to say that my supervisor is a social butterfly?

The answer is yes. Here he comes again with his big stick!!


I watched something concerning that on TV the other night. Thanks for explaining it more thoroughly

I saw something regarding this on television yesterday. Thanks for covering it in greater depth

Wonderful blog! I only found you the other day but I’ve loved reading your previous postS. Keep up the great work.

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