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February 2011

images.jpg Leave Me Alone: A Novel of Chengdu, by Murong Xuecun, published by Allen & Unwin

Murong Xuecun is a leading independent writer living in China. He first built a following through publishing his work on various popular Internet sites, with Chengdu, Please Forget Me Tonight (2002) making his reputation. Subsequent work has included Heaven on the Left, Shenzhen on the Right, and Cherries from Eden which together with Chengdu … form his Cruel Youth Series.

Murong Xuecun's stories generally concern relationships between young men and women in modern urban China. His plots are full of twists and turns, with his ear for comic dialogue, and use of dialects. When asked what he wished to express in his works, Murong once commented: 'I wish I could write down the contradictions of human life and nature.' [ref]

On 16 February, 2011, Murong gave an informal lecture at the University of Sydney, co-presented by the China Studies Centre and Confucius Institute. Given in Chinese, with English translation by Chen Minglu, an edited version of the talk is reproduced here.

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