27 Apr

By Cindy Chen

Vancouver played host to over 2,000 students from all over the world for the Harvard World Model United Nations Conference 2012.

This weeklong event offered a plethora of new and unforgettable experiences, ranging from passionately debating topical world issues by day to exciting social events by night.

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The delegates exploring Vancouver

With WorldMUN 2012 declared closed Thursday evening the University of Sydney delegates were sad to see the end of the week.

Drawn together by the spirit of the UN and the experience travelling overseas and meeting MUN-ers from all around the world, 2500 students had just spent the week forging our own solutions to international peace and security.

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By James Farquharson

alternate textWoldMUN - Vancouver, 2012

Today marked the first official day of committee at WorldMUN 2012 in Vancouver. After the excitement of the opening ceremony and global village, everyone was keen on getting stuck into their topics.

As the Soviet Defence Minister (Dmitriy Ustinov) on the Paris Peace Accord 1971 committee, tensions were high. Our brief was to seek a negotiated settlement to the war in Vietnam.

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Wednesday saw the beginning of the third day of committee sessions open as delegates prepared to debate and presented supporting arguments for their working papers, draft resolutions and amendments.

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