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I was initially drawn to pursue an investigation into the role of Australian corporate art collections due to the spectacle that recent corporate auctions have entailed, however on a less superficial note such events have attracted the media’s attention and in turn brought to light some interesting insights into the nature of company holdings. Corporate sell-offs have made the public aware of the content and extent of particular collections and the presence of some of the nation’s most significant artistic patrimony, which has been referred to in previous blogs. In addition they reveal the prior collecting strategies of certain corporations but perhaps more significantly, recent auctions have elicited comments from those in the community who support a valuable, longstanding collection. Art advisors, such as Julian Beaumont for Macquarie Bank have remarked on the topic, offering a separate collecting strategy but providing the preliminary stages for a comparative study of corporate art holdings. If I begin with the article that appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald in August 2004, the course of my case study thus far may be traced. The article positioned Macquarie Bank as an innovative corporation, with a keen interest in supporting emerging Australian artists, particularly landscape artists. A subsequent online search indicated that Macquarie Bank sponsored The Gabrielle Pizzi exhibition at the Australian Embassy in Paris which happened to coincide with the opening of the Musee du Quai Branly in June 2006. The article also indicated other potential avenues for research, at the time of publication the editorial was inconclusive with regards to the art that was to be installed in Deutsche Bank’s new Sydney headquarters, however, three years on the bank’s website provided an illuminating insight into their choice of conceptual works. Since I knew very little about Deutsche Bank’s international collections I googled them, retrieving in the process an undergraduate thesis, almost exclusively on the topic, with an invaluable range or sources.