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It is quite a challenge to sort through Media releases, government websites and search engines to gather information related to the topic of Corporate Sponsorship of the Visual Arts within NSW.
There are some insightful government research articles that I have included on this URLography that present us with statistics and figures relating to the topic, it is also easy to find Government websites offering grants and scholarships to struggling and emerging artists alike.
As my topic of interest revolves around the notion of the governments financial resources favouring regional galleries over larger institutions, and the differing types of corporate sponsorship that regional and institutional galleries attract, the most helpful and resourceful websites were the Art Gallery of New South Wales website and Hazlehurst Regional Art Gallery's website.

Australian Business Arts Foundation- Encouraging corporations to support the Arts.




Government webpage assisting artist's in scholarship programs/grants/funding.

Inisghtful government funded research project on the importance of Arts in NSW. (Includes statistics.)


Connecting Business and The Arts, Connecting Business People and the Arts and Lastly connecting Donnors to the Arts

Media Release stating government funding provided to the Broken Hill Regional Arts.

Australian Cultural Fund Government run site.

An extremely interesting article from the Melbourne Newspaper The Age that describes how similar the business world is to the world of sport. Pro Sponsorship of the Visual Arts.

This government run website offers a search engine for artist's seeking grants to aid them financially.

The Regional Art Gallery that emlightens the Sutherland shire with an appreciation for the visual arts!

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