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It seems as though both regional and state galleries are eager to advertise the need for corporate sponsorship of their institutions. They do not hide or conceal the fact that corporate sponsorship is an important part of keeping their institutions fruitful and prosperous.
Websites such The Art Gallery of New South Wales and Hazlehurst Regional art Gallery as blatantly list the advantages of sponsoring their galleries.
These benefits include strenghtening of corporate image through an association with a well respected brand in the community, favourable press coverage, increased profile, complimentary venue hire and logo on media releases and display of company name at exhibition events and opening nights.

It is on the other hand, increasingly difficult to search for websites and information that list statistics and figures of just exactly how much money large corporations invest and donate to art galleries in New South Wales.

How much money do large companies allocate to sponsor prestigious exhibitions and institutions? This is a question that there seems to be minimal information available.

The government run websites are insightful and upfront about how much financial support is assigned to both regional and state art institutions. Perhaps large corporations are shy when it comes to stating how much money they actually do allocate to the arts?

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