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Resisting the urge to play the song, I realised that I am coming to my final days in the UK. The weeks after exams went quite quickly, spent travelling around Eastern Europe, as well as across France and up the coast of Italy. I cannot believe it has been almost 6 months, when you spend so much time in a city and work out where everything is and make friends who become family it becomes harder to say goodbyes.

Last weekend I released my inner child at Alton Towers, one of the largest theme parks in the country, as it seemed only fitting that I would have my first rollercoaster experience on exchange. Unaware of what I was getting myself in for, my first rollercoaster turned out to be the only vertical drop rollercoaster in the world with a comforting stop just at the top so you could peer over the drop awaiting you. Thankfully, I survived this and many other rides, including the fastest rollercoaster in the world.

I truly couldn't have comprehended the personal growth I was to experience on my exchange when I was boarding the plane from Sydney in January. I gained new career skills from a different style of teaching and unique modules at the University of Manchester, gained a renewed passion for swimming through my engagement in the swim team at the University, travelled to 12 countries, and met people from countries I knew very little about previously. I couldn't praise an exchange opportunity highly enough, as I know there is only one option for me, I have to come back after my last semester this year as I have some unfinished business in Europe!

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