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Why hello there,

My name is Alexandra Brown. I'm a fourth year Commerce/Arts kid, and more importantly, I'm taking a little break from the University of Sydney to live and study in Lyon, a beautiful city in eastern France (near the Swiss border). I shall be spending the next six months studying at Université Jean-Moulin Lyon 3, improving my French, travelling around Europe, and learning how to live by myself for the first time (starting with learning how to cook and use a washing machine). My exchange begun just a few days ago, so my days are currently being spent wandering around a hot and languid Lyon (it's the peak of summer here), seeing the tourist sites, and eating gratuitous amounts of croissants and ice-cream.

I wanted to write this blog to help give readers some sort of insight into what it is actually like to be an exchange student in France. Back in 2007 when I was still in high school and researching universities to attend, I somehow stumbled upon these very same University of Sydney exchange blogs. Before I had even decided what degree to study, reading them made me decide that I wanted to go on exchange. It's taken me a while to get here, but here I am and very excited, and well I would be lying if I didn't admit to being a little scared as well.

I promise that I shall report more when my uni classes start and my proper exchange experience finally begins.




How long can you be in France as an Exchange student? I want to go there too when I start next year as my aunt lives just outside of Paris. What must I do or who must I speak to?

Hi Erin,

Glad to hear that you want to go on exchange :) You can typically be an exchange student in France for up to 2 semesters. If you want to find out more info, the first step is to just browse through the Usyd exchange website: http://sydney.edu.au/current_students/student_exchange/index.shtml
The website has info such as lists of all the unis that you could study at on exchange to France, and also tells you about the info sessions that you need to attend in order to be able to apply. NB You need to apply 2 semesters in advance, so at the end of this semester, applications for exchange in July 2013 are due.
Best of luck with everything!


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