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Hello everyone! My name is Daniel. I am a fifth year student studying a Bachelor of Commerce/Arts degree at the University of Sydney. After completing my two majors in Commerce (Accounting and Finance), I have arrived in Beijing to complete my major in Arts (Chinese Studies). I feel very privileged to go on exchange for the second time. The wide range of personal and academic experiences I acquired last year at Yonsei University in South Korea made me want to apply again – this time to China. It is certainly an advantage going to a university that has so many exchange partners worldwide. As a full-time language student, I believe that this exchange opportunity will be a great way to not only enrich my language studies but also discover areas of China that cannot be acquired just in the Sydney classroom.

My semester at Tsinghua University has finally started. My weekdays are jam-packed with so many classroom and extracurricular activities. Fortunately I’ve got no classes on Monday, which will spare me more time in the weekends to do some travelling. Pursuing extracurricular activities is important here because everyone lives at university. Therefore, student life here is huge! As a music enthusiast, I was fortunate enough to join the Keyboard Society. We just had our first meeting last week. Being surrounded by so many Chinese students, conducting everything in Chinese was a completely bizarre experience.

There are so many areas that are different here in China. Unlike Sydney, everyone lives on campus. This means the university needs to accommodate for everything students will need to survive. The campus is like a village on its own – it has many different canteens (serving thousands of students everyday for breakfast, lunch and dinner), supermarkets, small stores, shopping arcade, bank, sports field, police office, hospital, recreation rooms – pretty much all the facilities that you need to basically… survive. For the students here, I don’t think there really is any need to go outside the campus. Another thing to mention is that the university is so huge that the bicycle is absolutely essential for everything, even just to go and eat. You can see strikingly more students riding a bike than people just walking! Even a bicycle parking spot is provided for pretty much every location.

National holiday is coming up! This means that we will have a one-week long break. I am planning to travel to a different city (Dalian) during that time. For now, I can say that I am absolutely enjoying Tsinghua University!



Daniel, it's so great to know about you:) hope you enjoy your life at Tsinghua for the last 2 months.

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