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Hi everyone, welcome to my first blog entry! My name is Sarah, and I'm a fifth year Arts/Commerce student at Sydney, doing a quadruple major in Government and International Relations, History, International Business and Marketing. I'll be studying at Boston University in the USA this semester, and I'm excited to share my exchange experiences with you through this blog.

I arrived in Boston last night after spending three weeks travelling from California to New York. I had an amazing time visiting major tourist attractions (Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, New Orleans, Washington DC) and some places maybe a little off the beaten track (Nashville, Santa Fe, Monument Valley). Now, with classes starting on Tuesday after the Labor Day long weekend, I'm trying to get settled into my new adopted city until January. Despite a housing mix-up which has rendered me temporarily homeless, the registration process has been quite smooth - I am enrolled for classes and am searching for an internship with the School of Management (BU's equivalent of Sydney Business School).

I promise to update this blog when the semester officially kicks off, but for now I'm heading out to explore Boston - I may hit the Freedom Trail, the Charles River, or Newbury Street later today! I'm always happy to try to answer any questions you might have about the exchange application process and the USA exchange experience.

Sarah :)

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