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Hi everyone, please forgive me for not having updated my blog! Life has been busy in Boston!

I am well and truly settled into my classes, and with mid-terms around the corner! I am taking three classes in the School of Management and one in the Metropolitan College. Two classes are Marketing (one of my Commerce majors) - Consumer Behavior and Advertising and Promotional Strategy. I'm also taking a Business Strategy course and a Negotiations course. While I like all of my classes, Advertising is my favorite - we are working for a real-life client, Bananagrams (a fun word-game like Scrabble) and are creating an integrated communications program for them. Intense, a LOT of work, but really fun and a great way to get hands-on experience.


Boston is a great city but the weather is getting chilly already - I feel like time is flying by! I am getting to know fun places to visit in the city and have become well-acquainted with the Prudential Center and Newbury St (two great shopping areas). I have also travelled by bus to New York City twice and gone to Cape Cod and Nantucket over the Columbus Day weekend, and to Niagara Falls - amazing experiences! Because Halloween is just around the corner, I am planning a trip with some exchange friends to visit the town of Salem, an hour out of Boston for the day - can't wait!

Love Sarah

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