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In order to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day of China, we were given a one-week long break from university. To make the most out of this break, I decided to be different by joining a local tour group travelling all the way to the coast of China - Dalian.
The challenge was that I was the only foreigner in the group. Any important points made by the tour guide that I may miss or not understand with my three years of Chinese learning at university could result into something unpleasant happening in a place that I was absolutely not familiar with. But here I was on exchange during my last semester ever at university… why not take on the challenge and seek an adventure?

I was surrounded by very hospitable Chinese people, which made my travel experience a whole lot pleasant. During the long twelve-hour train ride, they bombarded me with so many questions. Where are you from? If you are Australian, how come you look Chinese? (I hence told them I was originally born in Korea). What is it like in Australia? What made you study Chinese? Can you see kangaroos in Sydney? Can I have your contact details? I never attracted so much attention in my life. However, I was absolutely grateful for their inclusiveness despite not being from a Chinese heritage.


Dalian itself was awesome. The place is famous for its rich history (being controlled by Russia and Japan in the past) and museums (you can see intricate details of real body parts belonging to animals and humans). You can also spoil yourself with delicious fresh seafood (killed and cooked right on the spot) and enjoy the many different scenic spots Dalian has got to offer. I have attached several pictures to illustrate.


Time flies. Class starts again tomorrow. I’ve got a Chinese speech to prepare for, recounting what I did during the break. Should be interesting.





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