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October 2015

rf_discuss.jpgOn November 5, the STL Research Fest will bring together the wider community of researchers and practitioners in the sciences and technologies of learning to exchange ideas and form new collaborations. Registration to attend is open until Oct 28th at Registration is free but needed for catering purposes.


Start End Item
9:45 9:55 Registration
10:00 10:40 Opening and shorter plenary
10:40 11:00 Morning Tea
11:00 11:45 Parallel session 1
11:45 12:30 Poster showcase 1
12:30 13:15 Lunch
13:15 14:00 Poster showcase 2
14:00 14:45 Parallel session 2
14:45 15:00 Refreshments
15:00 16:00 Plenary and closing

The program is still being fleshed out, further details will be posted here, on our website, and emailed to registrants in advance of the Fest.

Parallel sessions

ID Title Presenters/discussants
Parallel session 1 : 11.00-11:45am
1 Mind the gap Abelardo Pardo, Michael Jacobson, Peter Reimann, Kalina Yacef
2 Teaching how to work across boundaries Lina Markauskaite, Peter Goodyear, Marie Carroll, Tina Hinton, Philip Poronnik, Kim Bell-Anderson, Simon Poon
3 Coding, designing and networking Rob Saunders, Lucila Carvalho
Parallel session 2 : 14.00-14:45
4 Learning space research Rob Ellis, Tina Hinton, Pippa Yeoman
5 Professional learning on-the-go Lina Markauskaite, James Edwards, Meg Phelps, Peter Goodyear
6 Cranking up a notch Adam Bridgeman, Wai Yat Wong, Rena Bokosmaty, Meloni Muir

Register now

Registration to attend is open until Oct 28th at

Join us on Weds 28th October for Getting interested, our final Research on Learning and Education Innovation seminar this year.

"Getting interested". Everyone implicitly understands it; everyone recognises its importance. It is clearly a part of learning, and thereby education. That said, where does “getting students interested” figure within teachers' course organisation? Do they consider it as important as the knowledge/skills development aspect of their teaching?

This seminar by Dr Luke Fryer will begin by reviewing the development of the academic understanding of "interest". The discussion will then turn to his research into the role of individual differences within interest. From this general test of interest development, Luke will present an interest model that has been explicitly designed to support instruction within secondary and tertiary education. Two initial tests – both currently under review – will then be discussed, followed by a preview of beta-software developed for the micro-analytic measurement of interest and an examination of future directions for the field, as well as Luke's own research program.

Luke Fryer is a Ewing Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Faculty of Education and Social Work whose current research focus is working towards understanding why students (don’t) study and more recently what factors are involved in initiating their interest in a domain of study.

Event details
• When: 28 Oct, 11.00-12.30 (come at 10.45 for refreshments)
• Where: Room 612, Education Building A35
• This seminar will not be available online or recorded.
• More information here

There are still problems with problem-based learning: recent innovations and new directions

A Research on Learning and Education Innovation seminar with Alisha Portolese.

Problem-based learning (PBL) is widely used in universities, high schools, and even primary classrooms globally. It is considered by many to be the leading learning design for medical education, and has branched out to a wide variety of disciplines in health sciences and beyond. Although widespread, PBL has components that are not adequately grounded in learning theory. In this presentation, PhD candidate Alisha Portolese (pictured) will argue that PBL needs some specific tweaks to better provide the best that we can offer in terms of an efficient, effective, productive learning experience. It will discuss how we can apply strong learning science research about how people learn to improve the design of PBL, highlight strengths and pitfalls, discuss recent improvements and innovations, and suggest future directions. The presentation will speak to PBL learning design at both a research and teaching level.

Alisha Portolese is a PhD candidate at CoCo, researching integrating elements from productive failure and analogical encoding theory into problem-based learning in medical education.

Event details
• When: 21 Oct, 11.00-12.30 (come at 10.45 for refreshments)
• Where: Room 612, Education Building A35
• This seminar will not be available online or recorded.
• More information here

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