About Dorian Peters

Learning interface and user experience designer

Dorian works towards developing best practice guidelines specific to the design of digital spaces for learning (which she refers to as eLearning Interface Design). Her upcoming book, Interface Design for Learning will be released in December of 2013 by New Riders press.

She is also driven by an interest in discovering how technologies can be designed to better support wellbeing and human potential. She will be co-authoring the book "Positive Computing" with Rafael Calvo for MIT Press next year. See the information hub on Positive Computing at PositiveComputing.org.

Dorian currently directs online strategy for the Faculty of Education at the University of Sydney. She is also a member of CoCo (the Centre for Research on Computer Supported Learning & Cognition). Her award-winning work in Learning Experience Design includes corporate eLearning and interfaces for educational technology.

Dorian has designed for Carnegie Mellon, Cambridge University, ABC, Channel 10 and BMG music and publishes articles on design in journals, conferences and trade magazines.