Does designing learning experiences collaboratively lead to better outcomes? What are the characteristics of productive collaboration? Hear from Marcia C. Linn of Berkeley, Yael Kali of the Israel Institute of Technology, and Peter Goodyear of the University of Sydney, in this quick look at research on collaborative design in education. This is the latest episode of Learning Research the Podcast, brought to you by the CoCo Research Centre.

Computer models are entering the classroom as an answer to tackling complex issues like climate change. New modelling software allows students, from as early as primary school, to create and interact with models and simulations that allow them to experience systems in ways they never could before. But what are computational models, and can they really improve learning? In this latest episode "Learning with Models: An introduction to modelling for education" find out some of the answers to these questions and how models are playing a part in 21st century education.

Why have teachers been reluctant to integrate ICT in the classroom? Welcome to the first episode of "Learning Research - the podcast". In this episode, "ICT in the Classroom: Integration and teacher training" hear from experts and researchers in the field of ICT & education as they tackle some of the big questions around the integration of ICT in schools: What are the mistakes and challenges? What are the secrets to success? And, what will the role of the teacher be in the future ICT-enriched classroom?


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