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eResearch Australasia 2008 will be held 29 September - 1 October at the Sebel and Citigate Hotels, Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia.
Refereed papers now available in the conference proceedings. More papers to be added. http://www.eresearch.edu.au/index.html

Interesting presentations

John Wilbanks: Uncommon Knowledge and e-Research.
URL: http://www.eresearch.edu.au/wilbanks2008

We are seeing the transformation of knowledge from something that is primarily conveyed in paper formats into something else: a computable graph... Paper technology simply contains expressions of ideas, but the very technology of paper makes *integration* of ideas very difficult, if not impossible. Graphs allow ideas to "snap" together into larger and larger networks, which can in turn allow computers to help us interrogate the knowledge more effectively. ...The move to a computable graph as a knowledge storage technology holds enormous promise for e-Research. But this is "uncommon knowledge" - we've never dealt with knowledge this way, and it shows. ...