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The 9th bi-annual International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making
Covent Garden, London, UK
23-26 June, 2009
Jointly organized with the British Computer Society Interaction Specialist Group.

“NDM and Computers”

Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM) encapsulates the problems and challenges associated with making decisions in demanding situations. These decisions are often dependent on, or supported by, computing technology. The conference will focus on contemporary research on NDM where interaction with computing technology is an essential feature. It would be interesting to hear of studies where computers have been both a hindrance, and benefit, to NDM. We would like the conference to contribute to our understanding of how computers might ultimately improve NDM. **We also welcome reports of developments in NDM research, including: macro-cognition, cognitive task analysis, micro-macro relationships and alternative approaches.**

Conference website

The Oxford eResearch Conference 2008
Date: 11-13 September 2008
Location: University of Oxford: The Oxford Internet Institute and Oxford e-Research Centre

This multi-disciplinary, international conference on e-Research, use and implications of information and communication technologies (ICTs), like the Internet, in shaping research across the disciplines.

Full papers are here

Seminar: How Learning Design and eResearch could transform Educational Technology?

Prof. James Dalziel of the Macquarie E-learning Centre of Excellence will be visiting CoCo to present the seminar "How Learning Design and eResearch could transform Educational Technology". The event will be held on 20 August from 11-12pm in Rm 230 of the Education Bldg (A35) at the University of Sydney.

For more info see CoCo News Section

Australasian Symposium on Grid Computing and e-Research 2009, Wellington, NZ
(AusGrid 2009) to be held in conjunction with Australasian Computer Science Week

Wellington, New Zealand, Jan 20 - Jan 23, 2009


PS. Not much about education but about e-research and collaboration using the Grid and access grids.

Digital Humanities: Past, Present, Future: A one-day symposium presented by the Centre for Cultural Research at the University of Western Sydney

10am-4pm, Tuesday 2 September 2008, The Gallery, Female Orphan School (building EZ), Parramatta campus, UWS