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All my blogs over July-October 2008, posted originally with full hyperlinks at http://eastasiaforum.org/author/lukenottage/], have been edited and updated as:

Nottage, Luke R., 'Economics, Politics, Public Policy and Law in Japan, Australasia and the Pacific: Corporate Governance, Financial Crisis, and Consumer Product Safety in 2008' (November 3, 2008) Sydney Law School Research Paper No. 08/134, Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1295064 (and forthcoming, early 2009, in Ritsumeikan Law Review)

Some of the individual topics focused more directly on Japanese Law, asterisked below, are also available on this USydney blog:

* 1. Taking the Australia-Japan FTA negotiations to new levels
* 2. Whaling: What can law add to science, economics, ethics and politics?
3. Australia also should ‘Rail at Australian’s Tabloid Trash’ about Japan
* 4. Consumer over-indebtedness in Japan, Australia and the US
* 5. Dodgy foods and Chinese dumplings in Japan
* 6. FDI and corporate governance in Japan
* 7. Investor-state arbitration for Indonesia, Australia and Japan
8. Rivals: China, India and Japan – economic, not Olympic?
* 9. The politics of Japan’s new Takeovers Guidelines
* 10. Tables turned in Japanese and US financial markets
* 11. Lessons from Japan for the US financial crisis
* 12. The financial crisis - and loansharks in Japan and NZ
* 13. Consequences of melamine-laced milk for China, NZ, Japan and beyond
14. Political dynasties in Japan, the US, Australia … but not NZ?
* 15. A New Consumer Agency for Japan?

My starting point involves taking seriously Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's call, just before his visit to Japan around the same time, for a new East Asian Community.

Thematically, my postings focus mainly on FDI and corporate governance, financial markets and consumer credit regulation, product safety regulation, and different countries' media coverage of these and other issues in the region. Geographically, postings mainly examine developments affecting Japan. But this is done often expressly in connection with Australia, as well as other countries in the Asia-Pacific region (including China, India, New Zealand, and the United States), with links also to developments in the European Union (EU).

Chronologically, postings were originally from July-October 2008, a particularly tumultuous period, but the events often connect to longer-term developments. They can be read one after the other, and the original order has been preserved. I tried to sequence each posting to link back especially to the previous one, as well as other postings by myself or other contributors to the blog, while addressing hot topics of the times. The hope, very loosely inspired by how Ronald Dworkin views judge-made law emerging like a 'chain novel', is that readers can begin to see my own (and perhaps others') underlying empirical and normative views on some important 'gradual transformations' in Japan and beyond.


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