About this blog

This blog is intended as a forum to discuss new developments, refinements, issues or tips in the areas of digital and print publishing.

We hope it will enable a dialogue with all our clients and stakeholders - and foster ingenuity, flexibility and consistency across the University's web and print promotional presence.

This is an edited selection of blogs posted by Dr Luke Nottage, of Sydney Law School, since mid-2008 at http://eastasiaforum.org. The postings focus on trends and hot topics involving the legal system of Australia's most important partner in East Asia, but in broad comparative and socio-economic context. See www.law.usyd.edu.au/anjel for further information on Japanese Law related research, visitorships and outreach, and teaching and learning (including the Kyoto and Tokyo Seminar intensive courses available through the Law School: www.kyoto-seminar.jp).

About the Blog

Japanese Law in Asia-Pacific Socio-Economic Context