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Hey guys, Ben here attempting my first ever blog post. I know it’s been almost 4 weeks into the LA program, but it has been crazy since day one!

Anyway, what I thought I might do is a series, which touches on different aspects of LA life and the LA program – perhaps this will be more useful than me ranting about my daily cycle of work, class, $5 subways, frozen pre-made dinners and In-N-Out Burgers.

Let’s get started – first up, the ‘holiday’ aspect:

1. It’s a holiday.

Although we all work 4 days a week and attend 2-3 classes a week, the LA program is still somewhat of a holiday! Thank goodness for the Fridays off, so that we can go on weekend trips. I’ve personally done San Diego already, with San Francisco, Las Vegas and others lined up! Keen. In my opinion, it’s important to be able to treat the program like a holiday; otherwise it’ll feel like another semester at university (and once the program ends – straight back into semester 1). So yes, you might lose a couple of hours of sleep over the course of the trip, but it’s definitely worth it.

San Diego at its finest
San Diego at it's finest

2. Food

What can I say? The food in America is just… bigger. If I wasn’t watching what I have been spending (see below), or my weight for that matter, I would definitely eat out. Americans really love their burgers, their skinny fries and their burgers. Yes, LA does have other cuisines, much like Australia, but burgers is just something I’ve noticed in my 4 weeks so far.

In and Out


Johnny Rockets
Johnny Rockets

3. Shopping

I’m not ashamed to admit that it’s only been 4 weeks – but I’ve already spent almost $1000 on clothes. The shopping is amazing! Things are generally cheaper than Australia and it would be even cheaper if the AUD didn’t keep declining against the USD. Discounts are everywhere, outlets are cheap and online shopping is awesome with an American postal and IP address. The only thing I’m worried about is being able to fit everything in my luggage…

Till next time,

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