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It's almost halfway through the LA program and I've been lucky enough to visit 4 theme parks! Here's my breakdown:


This place is for those who love the magic of Disney! Don't expect to find any especially thrilling rides here, but everything is beautifully and intricately designed to really enhance those nostalgic moments. I'd definitely recommend the Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones and Space Mountain (for a bit of a thrill). Also, JUMBO TURKEY LEGS! Though it seems this is commonplace across all of America's theme parks.

Turkey Leg
Giant Turkey Leg


California Adventure Park

This park is right next to Disneyland and for those who enjoy slightly more thrilling rides. There are still amazing designs and themes that contributes to the atmosphere. I'd recommend the Cars ride, the Screamer roller coaster and the Hollywood Tower of Terror!
Just a tip: don't do water rides at 9pm, especially during winter.

Hollywood Tower of Terror
California Adventure Park

Universal Studios

This one is for you movie buffs who want to see how movies are made behind the scenes. The rides weren't actually roller coasters, but were simulations. You might think that this was boring but the simulations were still enjoyable and relatively thrilling! Well done to Universal Studios for saving all that space (and money!). Anyway, I'd recommend The Simpsons, Transformers, Studio Tour, The Mummy Returns and the Haunted House!! Actually, this haunted house was rather scary and I thought this had the most thrills of them all.

The Simpsons
Universal Studios

Optimus Prime
Universal Studios 1

Six Flags

This is the place to be for all you thrill seekers. There is some design work, but this place is all about extreme and maximum thrill rides. The park isn't open past 6pm either, so it's a good idea to plan your visit so that you can try all the different coasters! Anyway, I'd recommend Tatsu, Superman escapes from Krypton, Full Throttle and definitely the X2, a crazy ride that has a revolving chair so you fall backwards as well as forwards!

Bugs Bunny
Six Flags 1

Six Flags' Roller Coasters
Six Flags

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