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December 2008

Monday, 15/12/2008 12:47 WIB
PBR Ready to Support Prabowo as Presidential Candidate
Ronald Tanamas - detikNews

Jakarta - Partai Bintang Reformasi (PBR – Star reform Party) is now looking and seeking out who is the appropriate presidential candidiate for it to support in its coming convention. Up until this time the candidate that is acceptable to the PBR convention is Razil Ramli, but it is not impossible that the target may change to Prabowo Soebijanto.

"Our party’s basic mission is the same as Prabowo’s mission. It is quite possible we could support Prabowo as long as he joins and is in accord with the “central axis”,” PBR chairperson Bursa Zarnubi told detikcom, Monday (15/12/2008)


The 2009 general elections and illusions within the movement

September 10, 2008

By Budi Wardoyo1

In the lead up to the 2009 general elections, the political map of the movements appears to be undergoing a large polarisation, particularly a polarisation between the political decision to take part in the elections as a contestant (by joining an existing political party) verses the political decision of refusing to become an electoral participant.

The decision to take part in the 2009 elections, which has been taken, by among others, by the People’s Democratic Party (PRD) and its affiliated organisations2, has been motivated by the following arguments:


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