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Joesoef Isak, journalist, publisher, political activist, fighter against injustice, passed away in his sleep at 1.30am 15 August, 2009 aged 81.

Family, colleagues and friends escorted him to Jeruk Purut cementery, Jakarta, after paying repect to him, each in their own way, at the family house in Duren Tiga, Jakarta. Goenawan Mohammed and Max Lane spoke briefly at the graveside. Family and friends scattered flowers an water on the grave. People prayed or meditated in his honour.

His wife, Asni, his sons and grandchildren living in Jakarta were all there, as were many other relatives, as well as activist and journalist comrades.

Farewell, Joesoef Isak, great friend, great Indonesian

With Joesoef Isak, publisher and Indonesian intellectual
New book launched honouring Joesoef Isak

Joesoef RIP 5.jpg
Joesof RIP 2.jpg

At Jeruk Perut Cemetery, Jakarta.

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