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Indonesia's Elections a Decade After Suharto: The Elite-Mass Gap, Human Rights, and Mass Movements from Below

Speaker: Max Lane

6:30 pm, Wednesday, June 24th

At the Peace Pentagon (339 Lafayette Street), Manhattan, New York

Free (Donations Encouraged!)

Sponsored by the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (

This summer Indonesians will elect a new president. More than a decade after social movements forced the ouster of the notoriously corrupt and ruthless president Suharto, the Indonesian political system is still systemically corrupt, and human rights violations are still routine. Presidential and vice presidentail candidates have overseen and been directly involved in major violations of human rights in East Timor as well as Aceh, West Papua and elsewhere. There is a major gap between elites and the social movements organizing from below. Social movements in the nation continue to push for basic land rights, labor rights, and respect for human rights.


April 27: Talk on the politics of workers movement in Indonesia as part of panel organized by the Alliance for Independent Journalists and the Alliansi Buruh Menggugat at Indonesian Legal Aid Institute, jakarta, Indonesia..

May 19: “Pramoedya in Southeast Asia”. Centre for Southeast Asian Social Studies, University of Gajah Mada.

June 6: Participation on panel on impact of global crisis, with speakers from Indonesia, Mauritius and the USA. Sydney, Australia. Time and venue announced soon.

June 19: “Indonesia After Suharto”, Socialism 2009 Conference, Chicago, USA

July 1: “Literature, Memory and Social Movements: Indonesia 2009”, International Institute for Research and Education (IIRE), Amsteram, The Netherlands



Thursday, March 12
Time and Room: TBA

"Indonesia's 2009 election campaign and what it reveals: looming crisis of national leadership and governance."

Abstract: The early days of election campaigning are revealing a deep alienation between the majority of the public and the political parties that will be standing in the elections. This alienation is sensed by the political party leaderships who express increasing concern about a possible high GOLPUT (boycott) of the election. Why is it that despite the participation of 44 parties in the elections, no party appears to have won significant popularity? Is this connected to failures in the democratization process and the practice of governance? What are the scenarios for this alienation to be manifested in election results and what are their implications for the Presidential elections to follow and for national politics? If there is a deepening alienation with parliamentary politics, what are the prospects for a resurgence in activity in extra-parliamentary politics? From where might come new national leadership?

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Hari : Kamis
Tanggal : 13 November 2008
Jam : 13.00 – 17.00
Tempat di : Benedenlangs 57 *

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"Memasuki tahapan baru dalam proses kebangkitan kembali revolusi nasional demokratik Indonesia: beberapa persoalan."

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Amsterdam 21 okt 2008

Pengundang, Sarmaji

I hope to be teaching the following course, this coming December-January.

UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY Summer School course
History of Modern Indonesia
10-Dec-2007 to 31-Jan-2008

See University of Sydney Summer School website for full details


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