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Following the massive swing to the opposition parties in Malaysia, the Malaysian Socialist Party (PSM) has won two seats in the national parliament. In Sungai Siput, Dr. Kumar, defeated Samy Vellu while Nasir Hashim won the DUN Kota Damansara seat.

Below is a short interview I conducted today (March 10) with PSM Secretary General, S. Arutchelvan.

There is some other information appended.

In addition to the PSM leaders who won the two seats, well-known activist and former political prisoner Tian Chua, and former SUARAM activist Elizabeth Wong also won seats representing the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (Peoples Justice Party, associated with Anwar Ibrahim, but it was also a party of coalition.)


(1) How big was the swing against the Barisan Nasional? Who were the main beneficiaries?

The swig occurred in all urban areas and mixed areas. The swing was massive in areas where the non-Muslim formed a majority or simple majority


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