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I am very happy to announce the updated release of the Introduction to Stata 10 and the Management of Financial Data.

The notes are thoroughly updated to reflect all changes of version 10 with respect to Stata's data management capabilities. MEAFA maintains a copyright of these notes, but will gladly distribute free of charge the full pdf manual and the accompanying financial datasets to all researchers that complete the relevant online form http://meafa.econ.usyd.edu.au/stata/.

Therefore, the notes are now available for both Stata 9 and Stata 10 users. This notes written specifically for use with Stata 10 remain fully compatible with previously released versions, but has a significant number of added capabilities that cannot be attained by past versions. Nonetheless, if you maintain a Stata 9 license then you can always ask for the notes written specifically for Stata 9. If you have a Stata version prior to 9, then you can still use the manual for Stata 9 (not Stata 10) by keeping in mind that some of the commands may not work.

Make sure to provide valid information and a proper institutional e-mail address. Note that MEAFA refrains from forwarding copyright material to non-institutional e-mail addresses. This means that if you provide an e-mail such as gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc then we will ignore the application. We would also greatly appreciate it if you spend a few moments completing the Survey Information also found at http://meafa.econ.usyd.edu.au/stata/. MEAFA needs this information to maintain a record of applications, as well as to survey the breadth of expertise and interest of Stata users.

It is also very important, especially for past users to provide feedback in terms of comments, suggestions and corrections to previous versions of the manual, as well as to the current version.

Following the successful completion of the online form, MEAFA will soon forward the complete pdf manual (about 1MB zipped) which is specifically designed to run on certain datasets that can be downloaded for a designated web page.

Feel free to forward this link to your fellow colleagues and students.

We are looking forward to your applications!

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