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Dear fans of Stata, it is with great pleasure to announce the 2009 Australian and New Zealand Stata Users Meeting (ANZSUM), hosted by MEAFA.

If you use Stata for your work, then regardless if you are a beginner or an expert, you will find something just for you at the Users Group meetings, which are held each year in several different locations around the world. These meetings provide in-depth presentations from experienced Stata users and experts from StataCorp that focus on helping you use Stata more effectively.

The meeting will bring together a wide range of users to discuss statistical analysis, data management and graphical analysis using Stata. This meeting involves structured thematic sessions on novel usage of Stata for analysis of biostatistics, financial, economic, psychological and other types of data.

The ANZSUM 2009 has two keynote speakers:

  • Alan Riley, Vice President of Scientific Developent for StataCorp
  • Roberto Gutierrez, Director of Statistics of StataCorp

The meeting will take place at Darlington centre on Thursday 4 November 2009.
Surrounding the meeting there will be two Stata workshops:

The official website for the 3rd ANZSUM 2009 is hosted by Survey Design & Analysis Services Pty Ltd:

There you can find more detailed information regarding the program, registration and how to express your interest for presenting a paper at the ANZSUM 2009.

Dr Demetris Christodoulou (MEAFA General Convenor and ANZSUM Scientific Committee)
Dr Vasilis Sarafidis, (ANZSUM Scientific Committee).
Dr Richard Gerlach (MEAFA Quantitative Research Convenor)

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