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MEAFA is very pleased to announce the affiliation of three new scholars from The University of Sydney: Dr Neal Arthur, Dr Sandra van der Laan and Dr Jiri Svec.

Dr Neal Arthur is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting and is currently researching in the areas of corporate governance and corporate regulation. In particular, his research has examined the economic determinants of corporate board composition and leadership, including the interaction between takeover markets and board composition as well as firm specific determinants of board composition and leadership. Dr Neal Arthur has contributed articles to Australian Journal of Management, Australian Accounting Review, Charter, Corporate Governance and the Journal of Corporate Finance. In addition, he is the co-author of the book Accounting for Corporate Combinations and Associations. He has broad research expertise involving corporate regulation, earnings management, economic determinants of boards and leadership, safe harbour rules and takeover markets.

Dr Sandra van der Laan joined Sydney University from Wollongong in 2001 and is currently a Senior Lecturer in Accounting. Sandra teaches both introductory accounting and auditing at the undergraduate and post-graduate level. She has also been actively engaged in research into teaching and learning in order to promote improved student learning outcomes. Her research in this area has been presented at a number of international interdisciplinary conferences. Sandra has reviewed papers for many international journals and conferences, such as Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal and Abacus. She has also been a guest editor for a number of special issues of journals, such as the Journal of Business Ethics and the Australian Accounting Review. Sandra's research interests lie in accounting in two broad strands of research. The first centres on accounting as a social discourse and accounting as a mechanism to discharge accountability.

Dr Jiri Svec completed his Honours and PhD at The University of Sydney and joined the Finance discipline from the University of Sydney as a Lecturer in 2008. His particular research interest is in the area of risk management within the energy markets, including the electricity, weather and carbon credit markets. Jiri is also actively involved with industry in an ongoing relationship with a merchant bank, undertaking research and development in the area of modelling and managing credit risk.

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