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The demand for the workshop on Multilevel/mixed Models Using Stata, 10-12 Febr 2010 has been overwhelming and all places have been reserved within 3 days of the initial announcement !

The demand for the workshop has exceeded our expectations but it is imperative that we limit the numbers in order to ensure high quality and minimum degree of interaction between the presenter and the participants. The workshop was capped to 35 places and it is now fully booked with another
30 reservations queuing in a waiting list.

Together with StataCorp we are examining the following options for satisfying the demand.

(1) Back-to-back workshops:
o Mon 08 Feb: Intro to Stata (Demetris Christodoulou)
o Tue 09 Feb: Mixed models day 1 (Bobby Gutierrez)
o Wed 10 Feb: Mixed models day 2 (Bobby Gutierrez)
o Wed 10 Feb: Intro to Stata (Demetris Christodoulou in separate lab)
o Thu 11 Feb: Mixed models day 1 (Bobby Gutierrez)
o Fri 12 Feb: Mixed models day 2 (Bobby Gutierrez)

(2) July 2010 repeat:
Every July, MEAFA offers a 5-day professional development workshop and we could integrate (or extend) that workshop to include also Bobby Gutierrez's two-day workshop on mixed models.

(3) February 2011 repeat:
Repeat exactly the same workshop next year, Feb 2011, with Bobby Gutierrez.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could vote on the above alternatives ASAP with an e-mail at meafa@econ.usyd.edu.au

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