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MEAFA is excited to announce the upcoming Professional Development Workshop in Quantitative Analysis Using Stata, specially because this year we have the Multiple Imputation (MI) module given by Yulia Marchenko (the developer of the -mi- suite in Stata).

The Multiple Imputation module has been integrated into MEAFA's annual 5-day Professional Development Workshop in Quant Analysis, in sequence of the already successful workshops on Introduction to Stata 11 and data management, Proficient Programming with Stata 11, Econometric Modelling and Statistical Testing, Panel Data Analysis, Time Series Analysis. This provides the opportunity to Stata novices to obtain an exposure to Stata and to quantitative analysis using Stata prior attending the MI workshop.
The workshop will be held at The University of Sydney from June 21 to June 25, the programme iis next:

Day 1 (Monday, June 21):
- Introduction to Stata 11 and data management by Demetris Christodoulou, MEAFA General Convener

Day 2 (Tuesday, June 22): Two parallel sessions - you can choose only one to attend
- Proficient Programming with Stata 11 by Demetris Christodoulou
- Econometric Modelling and Statistical Testing by Andrey Vasnev

Day 3 (Wednesday, June 23): Two parallel sessions - you can choose only one to attend
- Panel Data Analysis by Vasilis Sarafidis
- Time Series Analysis by Richard Gerlach

Days 4-5 (Thursday-Friday, June 24-25):
- Multiple Imputation Using Stata by Yulia Marchenko, Senior Statistician at StataCorp LP

You may attend any one or any combination of days. See the description of each day to determine which days are of most interest to you. Fees vary on the days attended. More information available at Workshop webpage.

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