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It is with great pleasure to announce the Fourth Meeting on MEAFA, 27-28 Jan 2011.

The annual MEAFA workshop brings together a multi-disciplinary audience from accounting, finance, economics and the decision sciences to discuss methodological advances in applied financial analysis. This is a workshop, fully-sponsored by the University Of Sydney Business School that is set in a relaxed environment that aims to stimulate discussion and encourage interaction amongst participants.

The 2011 meeting will feature extended presentations from international keynote speakers and MEAFA members. To maximise feedback, each presentation includes a detailed discussant's report followed by a general discussion amongst participants.

This year's presenters include:

  • Scott Richardson, Barclays Global Investors London, UK.

  • Prof Irem Tuna, London Business School, UK.

  • Prof Stephen Penman, Columbia University, US.

  • Prof Paul Dunmore, Massey University, NZ.

  • Prof Stuart McLeay, University of Sydney.

  • Prof David Johnstone, University of Sydney.

  • Prof Richard Gerlach, University of Sydney.

  • Dr Jiri Svec, University of Sydney.

  • Dr Neal Arthur, University of Sydney.

  • To see the full program, the list of presenters and discussants and to reserve a place go to:

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