Returning home to Australia, the land of pristine beaches, crisp air and safe drinking water, Bangkok seem worlds away.

It has been exactly one week since I have touched down in Sydney and after a smooth overnight flight, it is uncanny to think that in eight hours you can arrive somewhere so different to where you left off.

Bangkok's back streets. Photo by: Shona Yang


Returning from my longest trip away from home, it is both comforting and strange to find that nothing much in Sydney has changed. I, on the other hand, feel quite different.

A different view: Back home in Sydney. Photo: Mikaela Griffith


I knew I was worlds away from Tokyo the moment I peered out the plane window to see a blue sky, sandy shores and a blur of endless green trees and terracotta roofs. It was a far cry from the towering and never-ending, yellow-lit skyscrapers that greeted me upon landing in Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. I remember back then feeling helplessly small and wondering how I could possibly find my way in a city of that size. But upon arriving back in Sydney I came to realise that a lot of my fears were unfounded and as I disembarked from the plane I couldn’t help but feel accomplished.

Ume (plum) tree blossoms at the Imperial Palace East Gardens. Photo by: Beverly Parungao


My final week in Korea went by faster than all the others combined. Burning the candle at both ends, I worked through my final packages for This Morning while embracing the wonderful sights and sounds of Seoul.

rob last day.jpg
My last day with Kyungmi, Christina, and Summer - Photo: Robert North


And just like that, my time in Malaysia is over. I was fully aware of how quickly five weeks could pass by, but that didn’t make this fellowship feel any longer.

This wasn’t the first time I had interned at a news organization, however it was the first time I had worked 9-5, Monday to Friday. I think it was the regularity of my work in Malaysia that gave an insight into the profession I previously did not have.

Photo by: Alex Gibson.


What a difference 8000 kilometres and a 40 degree temperature difference make. I am back home and caught in that odd paradox where it feels like I only left yesterday even though I know so much has happened over the last five weeks. I've hardly had time to reflect on everything since this week I have travelled to Melbourne for cadetship interviews moved houses in Sydney and on Monday I begin back at uni.

Brisbane is somewhere down there. It feels warmer already! Source: Kate Bolster


My final week at the Bangkok Post has been characterised by the frantic, seemingly endless ebb and flow of a very messy to-do list. I knew this month would fly by, but still I was not prepared to say goodbye so soon.

Our last day at the Post! Photo: Mikaela Griffith


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