“Sawadee Ka!”

Mr Nyun, the security guard in front of our apartment complex greets us with an enthusiastic wave and maybe two thumbs up every morning.

BK From the Skybridge.jpg

The view from the Sky bridge. Photo: Shon Ho


In Bangkok, buses are the real deal. You hear, smell and feel the engine grumble below you.
Lined with wooden floor boards, Bangkok buses are wide and spacious and the cheapest (although not the fastest) way to get around.

Bangkok Bus.jpg

All aboard the bus. Photo: Shon Ho


It’s my final week in Seoul, and I start to look at everything with deep melancholy.

The number of photos I take has doubled, with every click desperately trying to capture my time in Korea. I’ve really felt at home in Seoul. I enjoy the night life in Hongdae and 3am tteokbokki, just as much as the day time ventures to Korean vegan cafes in Itaweon.

Swetha YTN Presenting.jpg

Sitting at the presenter desk at YTN. Photo: Kim Hoseong


“Dubai has precious little in the way of theatre, museums, or music,” Jim Krane wrote in 2008. “There is no garage culture of rock bands, nothing in the way of neighbourhood theatres, no modern dance, no writers’ hangouts.” Part of my task while here in 2017 has been to read and report on a different emerging reality.

The House of Prose bookshop in Dubai. Photo by Natassia Chrysanthos.


When I first pictured Dubai, my vision for the city was not a burgeoning arts scene that blended old and new, tradition and innovation. But as I've been working closely with cultural stories in Weekend Review, this fascinating dynamic is exactly what I've discovered.

Locals gather outside the cinema space at Al Quoz on a Wednesday evening. Photo by Natassia Chrysanthos.


I landed in Sydney amidst one of autumn’s infamous east-coast lows. Driving over the bridge, specks of rain dribbled down the windshield and the Opera House’s white sails were dyed a drab grey. After an exhausting overnight flight from Bangkok, the sleepy, rainy weather seemed a blessing.

But, unlike the rainstorm, that sentiment didn’t last.

After a few of days of dreary, depressing drizzle, I began to long for Thailand’s sweltering heat, brilliant sunsets and aquamarine oceans.

Sunrise at Phi Phi Relax Resort. My last day in Thailand. Photo: Lydia Bilton


tbs eFM. Photo: Swetha Das

An effective journalist should be able to find a story in everything. The most inane subject can be twisted into a thrilling tale if you find the right angle. The most complex debate can be made accessible with the perfect case study.

But a few weeks into my internship and I found my pitches missed the mark when it came to emulating the type of content expected for ‘This Morning’.


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