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November 2010

Richard, Jemain and myself visited the Philippine Daily Inquirer offices, where Isagani hosted a celebration to mark the end of Richard's ten years of visiting the office and his efforts in placing Myer Fellows.



In Manila Richard hosted a breakfast at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel for Ambassador Rod Smith, his Public Affairs Manager, Jemain Diaz de Rivera, and the Publisher of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Isagani Yambot. Rod expressed much enthusiasm for the program and hoped that we would keep it running. Jemain is looking forward to Chris Martin's visit in January 2011.

ROd and Richard.jpg
Richard and Ambassador Rod Smith

Jemain Diaz de Rivera, Public Affairs Manager Australian Embassy

rb iy and rm.jpg
Richard, Robin and Isagani Yambot

In Bangkok Richard, Charintip and I called on Khun Tulsathit the Editor at the Bangkok Nation. Like Pichai, he also regretted that Richard was leaving the program and hoped it would continue, expressing great satisfaction with our Myer interns. He mentioned that he could always use one or more interns and was looking forward to further collaboration.

richr rob and tul.jpg

Richard, Khun Tulsathit and Robin


We visited the Bangkok Post and met with Pichai Chuensuksawadi.


We met with the Ambassador James Wise and his staff at the Embassy.


In Phnom Penh we visited the new Australian Embassy where Ambassador Penny Richards and The Phnom Penh Post.


In Malaysia we met with Miles Kupa, the Australian High Commissioner and David Yeoh, Deputy Group Chief Editor at the Star.


Robin and Jinny went to CJ International House at Korea University and were given a tour of the accommodation that is available to the AKF Fellows.


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At the Korea Herald we met with Mr Shiyoung Chon, Managing Editor, and Mr Sung-woo Chun, Sections Editor.


We also visited YTN.

YTN produces 24 hours news aimed at Koreans living away from Korea and provide news feeds to other media organisations such as Australia’s SBS.


We visited the newly rebranded Korea JoongAng Daily and met with Mr Tony Spaeth, Editor in Chief, Tony Burke Deputy Editor and Lee Moo-young, National Desk Chief


Richard, Robin, Steven and Jinny visited TBS Radio Statio and met with Mr Kim Kyung-rae, Director of Production Team 1 and members of the TBS team.
TBS Visit.jpg
PHOTO: (Left to right) Dr Steven Maras, Robin Moffat, Richard Broinowski, Mr Kim and Jinny Lee


We began our Korean visit with a briefing at the Australian Embassy by Hyo-Jin (Jinny) Lee, AKF Director (Seoul) Australian Embassy Seoul.

Jinny ran through the program of calls that she had arranged in Seoul. As always, she was upbeat about the whole scheme and looking forward to receiving the next three AKF Fellows, Hamish Boland-Rudder, Philip Chan and Joni Sham, in January 2011. Jinny presented us with a book about the history of the AKF written by one of the current board members, Rodney Hall.

1. Jinny.jpg

PHOTO: Hyo-Jin (Jinny) Lee, AKF Director (Seoul) Australian Embassy Seoul

Adjunct Professor Richard Broinowski and Ms Robin Moffat visited ambassadors and editors in Asian capitals where for the last ten years student journalists have been placed.

The trip was a farewell tour by Richard, who initiated the scheme in 2000, and an introduction to Robin, who will carry on the program for University of Sydney students, subject to the availability of funding. MECO Head, Dr Steven Maras, joined Richard and Robin on the Seoul leg of the journey.

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