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I spent my third week at the Bangkok Post preparing a story on the Rhoingya minority group by researching previous media coverage on the crisis and attempting to refurbish the story from a fresh, new angle. My task: create news.

When I first learned that I would be posted with the daily news team, I expected to be fed current issues and events to cover but instead the majority of my articles have involved creating a newsworthy angle from not-so-newsworthy stories.

In this instance, I was asked to find a new way to present a story on the Rohingya refugee crisis, departing from the traditional human rights discourse that has since governed most of the media coverage surrounding the Rohingya.

After speaking to some of the Post journalists and reporters from the Phuketwan, an online English paper, I chose to repackage the story as an update on a recent defamation case faced by two Phuketwan journalists for their reportage on the Rohingya crisis. I initially hesitated reporting on a legal case as I was not certain of Thailand’s media laws but the defamation angle was definitely timely, with the two journalists due to face court that week!

After confirming the facts with Chutima from Phuketwan, I passed the story onto my supervisor Anucha, who refined the story with extra quotes and rushed to have the story printed for the next day. The story was successfully published but I hope the university insurance covers legal fees.

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Proud to have had the opportunity to write about the Rohingya refugees, a prominent issue in Thailand and the international community. Photo by: Shona Yang

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