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It’s a mad dash to the finishing line in my last week at The Korea Herald.

Last week wearing my staff tag. It's going to feel weird without it. (Aaron Yip)

The last three weeks have been a blur. I've grown comfortable with what at first seemed like a super long nine-hour workday. I made friends with the other interns from America and Korea (I have found myself a free tour guide in Boston). My knowledge of the newspaper business and the Korean society increased exponentially.

My last week will be hectic finishing all the features I've been working on. I am really proud of one about an English-teaching volunteering event. English proficiency is an important skill for getting into good universities and upward social mobility in Korea. As a result, there’s a strong private tuition culture. However, many underprivileged children can’t afford private tutors which puts them at a disadvantage.

I came across the group “Beyond the English Divide” when researching another feature on a Facebook group for foreign teachers in Korea. They recruit foreigners to be volunteer teachers and offer free English classes to disadvantaged children every fortnight. The organisation is less than one year old, and they hadn’t received any media publicity. Their work is noble and noteworthy, and I hope that my article can help their organisation.

The video cover for my coverage on the 2018 Seoul Dessert Fair (Kayla Lim)

However, I do leave with regret. I leave behind an incomplete investigative project on some cosmetic stores engaging in suspicious activities. This is my magnum opus. I have been working on this case since the first week, and over the course of my internship, I would have paid four separate visits to the store. It is a highly-convoluted scenario, with many players involved (I don’t want to share too much information, because I have passed the case on to my colleague). I wish them the best of luck in exposing the shops’ secrets.

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