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Seoul Pride was, in a word, bonkers.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 02.43.07.png
It's 38 degrees celsius and a much higher level of modesty than Sydney pride events.
Here's the start of the march. Photo: Arca

The drag queens and king who I'd met via interviews for radio station TBS were amazing folks. I bumped into them at pride and we had some great times. They invited me to a party at a queer club (one of the few in Seoul) that was extremely difficult to find. It was exactly what I'd been looking for and I was pleased that the city had finally yielded to me. Through these performers, I also met several other people who showed me around.

There were thousands upon thousands of anti-gay protesters at the Pride festival. Their parade route clashed with ours. The main part of the festival encampment was surrounded by a 6-foot-tall plexiglass wall to protect the people inside. Despite the crackling tension - there was a positivity in the air counteracting it.

An admittedly poor view of the main stage. Photo: Arca

A fan given out to Pride revellers by the Australian Embassy .Photo: Arca

Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to cover any of the Pride festival on TBS for what I imagine are political reasons. I got some strong pushback from the news show, although Alex from Line 6, said he'd be down for a media package. I had other ideas for Line 6, so I begrudgingly abandoned the Pride stuff, satisfied that the drag interviews went ahead, as well as the anti-gay interview.

So I had that going for me, which was nice.

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