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Korean radio station TBS is a maze of corridors and security glass. Were it not for my natural inclination to get lost everywhere I go, I'd have thought somebody kept moving the office walls around to spite me. On our first day, we received information about our program assignment. Kristi settled comfortably into a role on the variety/culture show, Koreascape.

They had a harder time figuring out what to do with me, so eventually it was decided I would flit from program to program, like a choosy bee.

Here I am [right], looking sweaty next to the morning show host. [Arca]

I ended up working on the morning news show called Good Morning and another variety, anything-goes sort of program called Line 6, headed up by (well, technically it was a one-man operation) an American guy, Alex. Occasionally I dabbled in Koreascape - contributing fanciful ideas that were surprisingly well received, and ultimately, produced.

I told the Koreascape producers that I thought it would be totally rad to interview a bunch of drag queens, for the LGBTQ Pride festival. The producers thought it was a fabulous idea - but the catch was that the interview might either be heavily censored or not allowed on the air at all.

So, the government-owned station was a little touchy about having a bunch of queens mouthing off about the mangled human rights of LGBTQ people living in South Korea.

But there are ways....

A rather delicious counterpoint was raised - why don't we also interview the head of the anti-gay movement in Seoul? That way the station can't be accused of taking a position, and we get to stir things a little.

After all, a frighteningly large counter-protest is scheduled to run alongside the Pride parade. It's a big deal, the anti-gay movement is vicious here and has a disheartening level of support. On the bright side, it was useful for pitching the drag queen interview.

We're interviewing queer-identifying people! Also, we're interviewing demented bigots! I mean, the head of the big anti-gay group!

Dichotomous, simplified, easy to push.

The anti-gay interview wasn't to my taste, so I had nothing to do with it.

I preoccupied myself with more important things, like steeling myself for Pride weekend and wondering what to wear.

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