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March 2015


Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow colleagues from Sydney University,
It is a pleasure to be able to share with you my experience as a member of the Parliament of NSW… Oh wait! Yeah. That’s true. I am just an intern.

Well, let me introduce myself !
I am Jordan Eustache (almost impossible to pronounce for a non-French). I am from Martinique, a tiny island in the Caribbean, next to Dominica and not far from Barbados. It’s a French territory therefore my passport is French. And I study in Paris. Well if you figured that out correctly, you have realised that I have travelled more than half of the world to come to Australia.
I am a political sciences student from SciencesPo Paris, a european leader in social sciences. I chose to study government at Sydney Uni for my exchange and will start a Masters in public affairs next year.
To be honest, I have no idea where all of that will bring me. The only certitude I do have is that I want to get back, one day, to Martinique, where I belong. I guess some of you will be in the same doubtful situation, questioning their purpose on earth. Guys, I feel like we have failed somewhere!
Don’t you remember how easy it was to imagine our future when we were 10? At that time I wanted to be … a farmer! Ô beloved countryside.
And here I am now, at the Parliament of New South Wales. I am the assistant of a Green MP. Nothing comparable to the internships I had before even when I worked in an embassy.
If you agree to follow my footsteps at 6 Macquarie Street, you will be brought inside the real political arena of NSW, you will approach the back office and will learn more about the prices at the Parliament cafeteria.
Sounds like Game of Thrones, right?



My name is Vibeke Tennoey and I am a 23-year-old Study Abroad student at the University of Sydney. I am in my final semester of a master degree in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway. Can you think of a better way to finish your degree than at the University of Sydney?

I have had a lot of different career aspirations, but at 10 years of age I had a dream of becoming a hairdresser. This later changed, and my goal is now to get a job within the field of Human Resources, where I can use my personal and academic skills every day. I hope to get a job where I can make a difference for the employees, and make their working environment the best it can be.

I applied to the internship program, as this was a unique opportunity to get international work experience. This experience will develop my academic knowledge and interpersonal skills. I definitely think it will be interesting to work in an Australian organisation, and believe it will put some extra flavour on my semester abroad.

I hope you will follow me on this blog to get an insight into my experiences as an HR-intern at Stadimax. I will keep you posted throughout the semester with glimpse of my working days.



My name is Rachael Pikulski and I am currently a 21 year old exchange student at the University of Sydney. I am a third-year journalism major with an Arabic minor from the University of Texas at Austin.

Thinking back to my career aspirations at the age of 10, I had the dream of becoming a dolphin trainer based on my fascination with these incredible sea creatures.

However, years later I have a new dream: to become a successful journalist. As I approach my final year of college, I have found writing to be my true passion within this broad field. I love filling an empty page with words and sharing my stories with an audience.

When applying to study abroad in Sydney last summer, the internship option immediately caught my eye. While I knew my experience would be amazing regardless, I really wanted the opportunity to embrace the more professional side of life down under within a working environment.

I am now four weeks into my internship and I could not be happier with my decision to apply for this program and am interning with a community newspaper called The Eastsider.

Please feel free to stay involved in my internship experience and have a look into the Australian work environment from the view of an independent and passionate exchange student. It will be an unforgettable and life changing journey and you will get to follow me as I grow and mature throughout my time here in Sydney.