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June 2015

Today was my last day as the Advertising Operations intern for Pandora ANZ. This internship has been a challenging but rewarding experience and I cannot believe that this journey has come to an end. I could not be happier with my decision to apply to the Sydney Abroad Internship Program.

Interning while abroad is not as daunting as it seems. It takes a lot of time and hard work but it is worth it. I was able to gain knowledge and experience that I will be able to apply throughout my marketing career. I think that working outside of the classroom is very important as a student in order to gain industry experience.

I am extremely grateful that I got the opportunity to intern for a cutting-edge company like Pandora. I got the opportunity to work on an intern project that contributed to the company. Through this experience I was able to learn and grow with Pandora. The entire company was helpful and supportive with my internship project. I finished my internship projects on time and presented my End-of-Internship presentation to the office. I have to thank my supervisor for all her help and guidance through my internship project because it would not have been as successful without her.

Through my semester long internship projects, I was able to learn how Pandora operates. I got the opportunity to interview Sales Reps to get their feedback on client presentations. I thought this was a great opportunity to learn more about the company and gain insight on how to create a client presentation. During my internship I was able to get business experience that I will be able to apply throughout my entire marketing career.

I recommend anyone coming to the University of Sydney to take advantage of the Study Abroad Internship Program. It has made my study abroad experience so much more valuable and I am grateful for being placed with Pandora.