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September 2015

There are going to be many mixed emotions for anyone who is studying abroad. Excitement, fear, joy, eagerness, amazement, nervousness and so much more! Adjusting to life as an Intern is going to have the same kinds of emotions. As soon as you start to become adjusted to Uni life and the city you are now suddenly starting your internship! You’re wondering what it’s going to be like, will they like you, what happens if you mess something up, will you be able to work enough, will you still be able to experience Australia?

All I have to say is don’t worry! Adjusting to life as an intern is easier then you think! My company that I work for has been very welcoming and I love working in their Australian environment. Other Interns that I have talked to also have said the same thing, that their internship is awesome and they are learning so much. For those who have had previous internships back at home it is interesting to see the differences of the two working environments. For those you have never had an internship before, it’s okay! You’re an intern they understand you are not supposed to know everything. My tip for you is this: relax, take a deep breath, and have the confidence that you can do it. You were chosen for a reason so just learn as much as you can and enjoy the experience of working in the Australian work environment!

Doing an internship abroad is a great opportunity to learn about a country’s culture through hands-on experience. During my time at the Taronga Zoo I have definitely started to throw myself in the Australian workplace. It does help though when your co-workers are literally animals!

I’ve noticed that the Australian workplace tends to be more laid back than its American counterpart. Everyday begins with coffee time (or chai latte time if you are like me!), a necessity if you want to fully immerse yourself in the work culture. This is where everyone catches up about their night with some light conversation before getting down to business. After coffee time, the day really begins, but I’ve noticed that the overall work environment is extremely relaxed, with jokes and conversation happening to help speed the day along and in my case a few visits to the animals for inspiration. Australians work hard, but they don’t seem as stressed about their work. I along with the rest of my co-workers come and go in great spirits and have a bit of fun during the day!

My projects are moving along steadily and I still loving the fact that I work act a zoo. Just last week alone I was able to feed some giraffes and try out the incredibly cool “Wild Ropes Course”, which offers a tough challenge with awesome views of the animals and city! This study abroad internship literally just gets better and better!


Isabella2-1.jpgWhat would you do in 20 seconds of insane courage? Would you pause your university course and take an extra year to graduate? Would you move literally to the other side of the world? Been there, done that. Family, friends, studies, you’d have to be crazy to leave everything behind for a year right?

My answer is: maybe a little. But you also have to have courage. It takes courage to chase growth; to start a quest for maturity and learning.

Moving to a new country, so different from mine, starting a new university and on top of all that, choosing to start an internship changed my life from now on. All the certainties that I had about my future vanished: now I want more. If I thought it would be enough to be good, once I started to work with internationally recognized professionals, the best in their field, I want to be great. I want to change the world.

Once I overcame the initial challenges, I realized it’s all on me. It’s up to me to decide if I want to go further, push harder, because in the end, with the right amount of effort, it all works out. The new city is now the place I call home. I learned to love this university as much the other one. The internship became a great part of my life.

The same old routine, with the same old people, doing the same old things will never make anyone better. Searching the new, constantly changing, that’s what makes us stronger. That way we can actually be different, be great, be someone that will be remembered.

Honestly! I’ve been at this internship for three weeks and don’t want to leave. My office is situated right in the zoo so I get to hang out with the animals all day long! A typical day at the zoo would begin with a bus or ferry ride across the harbour to the other side of Sydney, complete with beautiful views of the bridge and Opera house. At arrival I’m greeted by the Koalas as they begin to move around a bit. Once at my desk I get to “work”, helping plan some cool, engaging and exciting events for the Taronga Conservation Society. I’ve been helping out in all aspects of the events and have really been given a large amount of responsibility from working with catering, to contacting zoo keepers for fun animal encounters, to hiring entertainment. It’s pretty incredible to know that my assistance is helping conserve and protect many different animals and forms of wildlife.

If I ever get a bit tired of “working” or need some motivation the zoo is my playground and I am able to go on a stroll or catch one of the many animal shows. One very interesting talk I went to was on the Tasmanian Devil where I learned about Devil Facial Tumor Disease, a unique cancer that could potentially wipe out the whole species. Learn more about it here.

If this is the “real” world, count me in.

Sometimes the zoo can be full of PANDAmonium, but it is all just SEALy fun!


Traveling to a new country, attending a new University and having a new job seems like it is pretty crazy. I’m leaving all my awesome friends and family at home and I came here completely by myself knowing absolutely no one. But when applying and preparing for my trip I did one thing. I didn’t think about it. I took everything step by step and did not focus on what I would be missing but what I would be gaining.

One of the main reasons I decided to study at the University of Sydney, and was able to convince my mom to let me study here, was so that I could have an international internship. Seeing that the University of Sydney had the option to let me take classes and have an internship, I decided to apply. I, of course, was already a bit nervous attending a new school in a completely different country so adding working for a marketing company had me even more nervous. Two of my goals coming to Sydney, Australia were to be able to make friends and keep up with my schoolwork. I had a feeling that having an internship, as awesome as an experience it is, would hinder my goals. However, I was wrong. My internship is very flexible with my work hours and I have also made work friends too! Moral of my story is, do not worry about balancing work, school, and adjusting to a new country. You will be able to handle it just fine.


My name is Brittany Furjanic I am 21 years old, soon to be 22, and back at my home in the United States I went to Missouri State University. I am currently studying communications and minoring in marketing. The best thing about my major is I can pretty much go into any field. With my marketing minor it is my goal to get into the field of marketing and advertising. When I was 10 years old I remember that I wanted to be a dolphin trainer when I grew up. I loved dolphins and thought it would be so cool to swim with them and perform for people!

However, after my mom told me that I would also be have to clean their poop off the tanks in freezing cold water I soon decided to look for another career path. Throughout my first few years of college I fell in love with advertising. Having a passion for advertising and realising I was good at it has aspired me to work at an advertising agency once I graduate. Which is why I decided to have a Study Abroad Internship while studying at the University of Sydney.

Follow my internship journey to learn what it is REALLY like to have an internship through the University of Sydney as well as the experiences I am having while having an internship over seas.

Opera House.jpg

Hey there!

I’m Alex Cammy, a 21 year old student from America and I am excited to bring y’all into the life of a Sydney Abroad Internship student! My home university is Ithaca College in upstate New York. At Ithaca I study Television and Integrated Marketing Communications. My major career goal is to be the next Oprah! I’d love to rule the entertainment world and make positive change through pop culture and media. I’ve previously spent summers at MTV and In Touch Weekly, which is a popular U.S. entertainment magazine.

I wanted to be a part of the Sydney Abroad Internship program so I could fully immerse myself in the culture of Australia. At my home school I’ve spent a lot of time working with our Alumni Relations team and through the process I’ve gained a lot of insight into the philanthropy world.

When I heard that the program was offering an internship as the Fundraising Events Intern at the world famous Taronga Zoo, I knew I had to jump on it! I’ll be spending the semester helping plan events to help engage current donors and attract new donors. So read this blog if you want to know what it is like to work for one of Sydney’s top attractions, like corny zoo puns or just want to see the occasional picture of a cute kangaroo.

I don’t know where this journey will take me, but I do know it will be wild! (I warned you about the zoo puns!)


I’m Isabella Pizzolatti, a Brazilian Medical student, and I’m here to share my internship journey with future ‘explorers’ of this internship universe. My home university is Federal University of Santa Catarina and, even though it’s a great one, it doesn’t offer the same opportunities I have here.

I can say that medicine, for me, is more than a career, is actually a part of my very own soul. Since I was a little kid, being a doctor has always been my dream life. When I was ten, my dream career was to ‘bring babies to the world’, like my father, an obstetrician.

Now, my career aspirations remain closely the same. The dream of being an obstetrician competes with the options of vascular surgery and orthopedics surgery. But it is still on the table. One thing is certain: the love for the surgical objectivity, the immediate results.

That’s why one would think it’s weird for me to get an internship within the research field: science is a tricky form of art. Researches demand patience, time, the results are not guaranteed and it can even lead to anything at all. That said, I realized that’s the kind of experience I needed. I had to at list give it a try, not only to enrich my curriculum, but also to acquire different skills.

From that decision, I ended up in a clinical study within the Sydney Heart Bank. And that’s where my amazing journey starts. I invite you to accompany me in the next chapters, to see how a meticulous surgical soul learnt how to fit in a lab.