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Here are my top five tips for future Study Abroad Interns.

1. Don’t quit! - Even if you may not get your first choice going into the program, like I did, do not quit! No matter what kind of internship you receive you will be able to learn and experience so much. You might even end up liking it way more then the original.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions - When going into this internship do not be afraid to ask questions if you do not know something. Whatever company you end up with will know and understand that you are just an intern and that you do not know everything. By asking questions you will not only be able to get your tasks done properly but you will also show your company that you are interested and wanting to learn more.

3. RELAX - Do not be a nervous wreck like I was at the beginning. You were accepted into the program and chosen by that company for a reason. It is okay to be a little bit nervous on the first day because meeting new people and working in a new environment can be scary. But don’t forget to breathe and remember that you will do just fine as long as you try your hardest!

4. Go to your internship classes - You only have a few classes to go to so it should not be hard, plus you will be given a lot of tips and insights that connect with your internship.

5. Have fun - Not everyone gets to experience an international internship like you so make sure to enjoy yourself while you study and work abroad!