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11059863_10208166095289351_8534934509613480249_n.jpgThese past few weeks have been quite the whirlwind. I’ve submitted three papers and gone on two fantastic vacation all while interning along the way. Luckily Taronga Zoo is extremely considerate of the college workload and the overall Australian work environment is supportive of exploring in and out of work.

And I definitely did explore! After a week on The Great Barrier Reef and four days in marvelous Melbourne, I returned to the Zoo excited to get back to work. It is like I’ve never left and I’ve been enjoying continuing on my projects and starting new ones. Australia is an amazing place and deserves to be explored.

Luckily the internship program and University allows this to be accessible for all exchange students. I’ve been having the time of my life socially and professionally...definitely a rare combination. The Great Barrier Reef was beautiful. If you head out there for your mid-semester break I definitely suggest spending a day paddle boarding on Fitzroy Island...you will feel like you a living a paradise! And in Melbourne a tour of The Great Ocean Road is a must. That drive is incomparable.

The fun isn’t ending so soon either.While I still have a month of school and internship, I have a few more fun trips planned including a surfing weekend, New Zealand, and Bali! If you end up in Australia chances are you’ve worked pretty hard to get here...so enjoy it all while you can!