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When I finally started my internship I couldn’t help but have this thought cross my mind, “Will I have time to still do my school work, but more importantly will I still have a social life?” Yes that may sound bad but it’s true! I’m in the most amazing country within the coolest city ever of course I want to have a social life! Naturally school work comes first so I was really worried that having an internship would prevent me from completing my school work which would mean I would have to use my free “social” time to finish up my assignments. However, what I failed to realize is that this internship is not only a way for me to get work experience but also as a way to receive credit as a class!

This meant that even though I had work during the week I still had one less class to take which meant less studying for me to do. What was also great about the internship is that they are very flexible with your schedule. If you end up having a tough week with schoolwork you can easily switch your schedule around in order to study for your exam or finish your paper. So don’t fret, you will no problem managing your studies, your work commitments and you can still have a social life in the most amazing city. Just remember that you still need to complete all your hours!