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Beaches, surfing, sunshine…that’s Australia, right?

My must-do thing in Australia has always been surfing. This is the country where you are supposed to carry a surfboard under your arm and run to the ocean to catch some waves. This is the place where no one gives you mean looks if you rush to the bus with your surfboard while your swimwear is still dripping water and feet are covered in sand. There is no leaving Australia before one has tried surfing.

After the heat records this summer it started raining. Now it has been raining almost a month. That is not the best beach weather but a few clouds will not stop surfers.

I went to a surf camp to 7 mile beach outside the Sydney right after arriving Australia. It was a weekend full of surfing and meeting new people. It was also weekend full of rain. Damp wetsuit and grey beach were not inviting at all, but I had decided to surf so I walked into the cold ocean with my board. It really does not matter whether it rains or not when you are in the water. Waves are still there, the board carries you just the same and there is plenty of saltwater to be swallowed. I fell a many times but I also had moments of success. This is fun!

Last Sunday we had a gorgeous sunny day in Sydney. Because of the poor weather, people pack their towel and sunscreen and rush to the beach as soon as there is a sunny day in the sight. I joined the many and took a ferry to Manly. I had woken up to find a message inviting me to go surfing with a few friends. This time the water was warm and the waves nice and steady. Surfing had not gotten easier but the ocean was less terrifying. Beach was busy and ice cream melted faster that I was able to eat it. Sounds like Australia.

I will definitely go again. Little rain doesn’t matter if the weather is fine otherwise. You can have a fun time surfing whether it ends in shivering from the cold or reddening from the sunburn. Surfboards can be hired from popular beaches and there are lifeguards around. There are also surf schools offering lessons for beginners. Go with a friend, give it a try and have a great day.