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Everyone can recognise the white sails of Sydney Opera House from a picture. How the walls arch over the ocean and the sunlight reflects from the windows. But have you been inside the iconic landmark?

Anyone can walk in and have a look around even if you are not going to go see a performance. However, the opera, concert or theatre halls are not accessible without a ticket. Those are the interesting bits of the building, the parts where the magic happens, so going to see a show in Sydney Opera house is worth paying a bit. The famous building hosts a variety of music performances as well as world class operas and comedy shows, something for everyone. The acoustics are good and the atmosphere great. Going to see a show in the opera house is a special occasion and surely a memorable one.

If you enjoy arts but want less prestigious experiences, you are more than welcome to go to one of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music events. They regularly have evening concerts, matinees and open masterclasses where you can follow the teaching. I went to a lunchtime matinee which was free of charge: members of public were invited to come to listen young Rising Star students perform piano pieces. Watching those talented children tackling difficult pieces like professionals was stunning. Close your eyes and just listen to the music that pours out of the flygel.

Performing arts are thriving in Sydney but there are also many art galleries and exhibitions around the city. The Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney has free admission to permanent galleries. It is situated close to the city centre, right next to the Botanical Gardens so it is very easy to visit. European art, Australian art, Aboriginal art, photography… It is a great rainy day destination. If you want more you can just visit City of Sydney, What’s On website and search for arts & culture. There are always tons of interesting things listed. I think I have to go to see the astrophotography exhibition by Ed Hurst this weekend.

Sydney is a great city to explore the current art scene. And even if you are not really into arts, it might be worth while checking out a thing or two. 30 minutes lunch time concert is not that long even if you end up hating it. And it is never too late to go to your very first opera.