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When I asked my Australian friends what Australian food I should try, they had to think hard to come up with something very Australian. Alongside the Lamington pies and Anzac biscuits, they suggested coffee. I am from Finland, top 1 coffee consuming country in the world. Saying that coffee is part of Australian cuisine sounds crazy to me. But, even though Australians don’t drink coffee like Finns, they love their coffee.

Australians like their coffee fancy. You can not get basic filtered coffee anywhere: everything is espresso based. Most of the time the coffee is good, but sometimes even Australians mess up the coffee. Yesterday the cappuccino that was supposed to get me through a study session was lukewarm and flat. Disappointing. To avoid bad experiences it is good to know where to get good coffee around uni.

If you need a takeaway, pop by the small cafes. Manning Kiosk looks shabby, but the coffee is good. And you get it quickly. Eat at Fisher is usually busy which is why the coffee often comes out barely warm and without foam. But when there are no lines it is a great place to grab a drink before going to the library which is just a few steps away. Also, it is open until 10pm on weekdays. If you are on the other side of the campus, near Wentworth building, try Cafe Azzuri. It has strong coffee and the crepes menu looks pretty good as well.

When you prefer to sit down and enjoy the coffee from a real cup, the Courtyard Cafe is the place to go. The cafe is spacious and light. It is a nice place to meet a friend or take your laptop for a visit. Why not spending an afternoon studying and drinking good coffee there instead of the library? The lines are long during lunch time but after 2pm the hassle calms down.

If you are a coffee lover, it might be worth joining the University of Sydney Union (USU) and become ACCESS member. The price of a latte is about the same, around $3.90, everywhere on campus but the food outlets give a discount for student union members. And every 7th coffee is free! Also, every day between 3.30pm and 4.30pm students get a special deal, any coffee for $2.50, by showing their ACCESS card. USU has understood that the students need their coffee.

Even though we have many cafes on campus, they don’t beat the nearby cafes in New Town and Glebe. My favourite is Sappho Cafe in Glebe, which is located in the back of a cosy bookshop. Tasty coffee, ceramic cups, old books, small tables, plants and graffiti. It is a proper sit-down-and-enjoy cafe.