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A ball emerges from the pile of men. A man in a bright green jersey catches it and starts running across the field as if on fire. Men in blue jerseys dash after him. How did he get loose? Just before the finishing line a determined blue jersey manages to tackle him by taking a massive leaping and grabbing his legs. No goals this time, but what an exciting moment!

Last weekend’s social event for the Exchange and Study Abroad students took place in the ANZ Stadium in the Olympic Park. Huge stadium hosted the Sydney Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies and athletic events back in 2000. Now the stadium filled up with football fans who came to see the National Rugby League game. Rugby rivals the Canterbury Bulldogs and the Canberra Raiders took over the field while the fans cheered from the audience.

Watching a rugby game can be a bit confusing. Especially if the stadium is very big and the players far away. It might be easier to follow a game on TV when you are directed to look into the right direction and get to see close-ups of interesting moments. However, watching a game live is a different experience. Cheering people and bright stadium lights create an environment that encourages also non-fans to get all excited when the game gets interesting. I can only imagine how much fun it is for the true fans.

As if rugby rules weren’t complicated enough the rugby scene in Australia is divided and rugby league and rugby union have somewhat different rules. If you are going to a rugby game, remember to check the rules that apply beforehand if you don’t know them already. It will make it a lot easier to follow the game. On top of that, the term ‘football’ is used to refer to rugby union, rugby league, Australian rules football and association football also known as soccer. That is a bit confusing.

The Sydney University has its own rugby club as well. In fact the Sydney University Football Club (see, football=rugby) is the oldest rugby club outside of Britain. That might be a good club to check out if you are interested in playing rugby.