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Just recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Breakfast with Koalas event, hosted by WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo. Although it was an early morning, beginning at the wee hour of 7am, it was well-worth the early wake up—after all, the morning is when many animals at the zoo are most active!

The day kicked off with a tour of the entire zoo, which is home to a wide variety of animals, many of which are native to Australia. We learned all about the snakes, birds, butterflies and crocodiles that live there, and naturally, got to see wombats, wallabies, and kangaroos. At one point in the tour, we even had the opportunity to pet the kangaroos as they hopped by our sides. They seemed to be extremely comfortable with visitors in their territory, which in return, made us visitors feel safe and comfortable around them.

Once the interactive tour came to an end, it was time to eat breakfast and meet the koalas! We were all escorted into the room where these furry creatures live. The female koala bears were kept in an enclosed area on the one side of the room and the males were kept on the other. The dining tables were set up in between these two living environments, where visitors could eat and observe. We were fed a tasty, plentiful meal of eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns, vegetables, juice, and everything in between, and as we ate, our tour guide told us more information about koala bears and allowed time for questions at the end. Once we were finished with our meals, we each had the opportunity to step into the females’ living space, where we could take pictures and get within inches of them. Even though we weren’t allowed to touch or hold these furry, lovable animals, I still thoroughly enjoyed standing next to them and connecting with them through eye contact. Since Koala bears sleep an average of 20 hours a day, we were there at the perfect time, when they were awake and as active as they (seemingly) get. What a life they live!

If you haven’t yet attended Breakfast with Koalas, it is a must-do before heading back home. After all, included in the package is a professionally-taken photograph of you with a koala bear that you get to keep as a souvenir!